Suzzara blue k24 turbine meter manual

THIS MANUAL IS THE PROPERTY OF PIUSI S. p. A. ANY REPRODUCTION, EVEN PARTIAL, IS FORBIDDEN Suzzara Blue Side Serial number: refer to Lot Number shown on CE plate af xed to product 4 delivery hose 11 Meter K24 (PRO version) 5 No. 4 fix the premounted Suzzara Blue unit to the support while keeping the electric pump in horizontal position, using the 2 M8x30 screws supplied with the base kit.

About the product. The Piusi K24 AdBlue Flow Meter is a reliable and accurate turbine digital flow meter designed to measure the quantity of AdBlue, water, windscreen fluid or cattle milk (not for human consumption). This AdBlue meter is a lightweight, compact solution that can be fitted inline or at the end of the delivery nozzle for the easiest possible reading, and benefits from a k24 Digital flow meters for lowviscosity fluids.

Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe, equipped with a screen that can be adjusted to various positions for easy reading. K24 Adblue flow meter is easy to install, in line or at the end of the delivery hose, it is provided with a compact easy readable display. It is possible to apply the meter directly on the nozzle.

ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH K24 MANUALE DUSO, MANUTENZIONE CALIBRATION MANUAL Bulletin M0171ITEN rev. 1 Italiano English INDEX A BECOMING ACQUAINTED WITH K24 A1 Measurement System A2 Display Positioning A3 Operating modes Electronic digital meter featuring a turbine measurement system, designed for About the product.

The Piusi K24 Aluminium Fuel Flow Meter is a digital turbine meter designed for accurately measuring the quantity of diesel dispensed. The K24 fuel counter meter benefits from a compact yet clear digital display, which can be rotated in four ways as well as being able to be installed inline or by the delivery nozzle for the users easiest reading.

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