Nikon d60 manual white balance adjustments

Unfortunately, the D60 lacks such features as automatic exposure bracketing, and white balance, as well as the Live View mode. An interesting feature is the Nikon D60 animation support: if you select in the menu a few photos in JPEG format, the camera selfassembles them into a short video clip.

An interesting feature when using Manual exposure mode is the electronic analog exposure display visible in the optical viewfinder data readout. White balance modes on the Nikon D60 include The lens that I used for this Nikon D60 guide is the same one that is included in the typical D60 package: an 1855mm f AFS Vibration Reduction zoom. The Vibration Reduction (VR) feature of the lens is Nikon's version of image stabilization. D60; User manual; Nikon D60 User Manual. Introduction About This Manual Thank you for your purchase of a Nikon D60 digital singlelens reflex (DSLR) camera.

White Balance Select White balance from the Quick settings display to adjust the setting (A 48). White balance ensures that colors are unaffected by the color of the light source View and Download Nikon D60 quick start manual online. Nikon Digital Camera Quick Start Guide. D60 Digital Camera pdf manual download. White balance. ISO sensitivity. Noise reduction.

Active DLighting. Press O. Menus display in the monitor. If menu. adjustment control with your eye. Saturation Adjustment The Nikon D60 has a total of just three saturation settings available, one above and one below the default saturation. Good color with the Manual white balance setting Dec 30, 2011 How to find all of the necessary settings on the Nikon D60 DSLR camera in order to take control of the camera's exposure.

Val Westover specializes in teachin Create a custom white balance preset: Selecting the PRE option enables you to create and store a precise, customized White Balance setting.

This setting is the fastest way to achieve accurate colors when your scene is lit by multiple light sources that have differing color temperatures. InCamera Image Editing and Enhanced Retouch Menu: Highly versatile incamera editing features through the Retouch Menu include Nikon DLighting, RedEye Correction, Image Trim, Image Overlay, Monochrome (Black and White, Sepia and Cyanotype) along with Skylight, Warm Tone and Color Balance filter effects.

If you want to set the custom White balance rather than what is already provided with your camera, you have an option in Nikon camera and its called Preset Manual. If you scroll all the way down to the white balance setting, you will see the last option as a preset manual denoted by PRE. One of the new features on the D60 is a graphical white balance adjustment (as seen on some of Nikon's high end models).

This offers two axes of adjustment (AB and GM), each with 12 steps. Tags: review, nikon White Balance. White balance is used to adjust colors to match the color of the light source so that white objects appear white. Subjects may be lit by a number of different light sources, including sunlight, incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent lighting.

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