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Sep 22, 2014 I appreciate all the comments that have already been made. Some of these suggestions are duplicates, in which case consider them seconded, and others haven't been mentioned, yet. PostEstimation Commands for mlogit Page 1 PostEstimation Commands for MLogit Richard Williams, University of Notre Dame, but listcoef makes (IIA) Tests. The Stata 12 Reference Manual (P. 710) explains the IIA assumption this way: Logistic Regression with Stata.

This page has been updated to Stata 12. listcoef, fitstat, prchange, prtab, prgen, etc. To find out more about these programs or to download them type search followed by the program name in the Stata command window (example: search listcoef).

These addon programs ease the running and interpretation of Stata 12: Getting Started 4 The Division of Statistics Scientific Computation, The University of Texas at Austin 2) Access the program via the Windows Terminal Server for a small yearly fee. Getting Started with Stata Programming Nicholas P. Nicoletti University at Buffalo (SUNY) Department of Political Science April 6, 2011 Abstract This document is intended as a beginners guide to research with Stata 11.

It has been developed for the University at Buffalo (SUNY) Political Science Department We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

Most commands in Stata allow (1) a list of variables, (2) an ifstatement, and (3) options. 1. A list of variables consists of the names of the variables, separated with spaces. Data Analysis with Stata 12 Tutorial November 2012. Stata 12: Data Analysis Stata manuals (some are available at the PCL for checkout) 2) Statas own website has a modest amount of FAQs in the support section: For a list of all of these options, go to the Graphics menu.

Aug 07, 2014 Rather than scanning through different manuals, it would be nice to have a single FAQ that showed, say, how I can use (or can't use) mi with xt, what mi commands can and cannot be combined with svy, using survey weights with xt data, etc. Syntax list varlist if in, options flist is equivalent to list with the fast option. options Description Main Remarks and examples stata. com list, typed by itself, lists all the observations and variables in the dataset.

Stata chose to list all 12 variables in display format, but when the varlist

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