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00 Maintenance Procedures, Identification and Owner's Manuals 01 Engine, removal and installation; Crankcase, Cylinder head, engine breathing 03 Crank Assembly hello. Im interesed in a exhaust manifold for 2 turbos on a om606 and in a GWagen. I see the picture on a twinturbo but Im also curious about compound turbo manifold. The 9899 OM606 turbo from a E300 is like the Honda Bseries of diesels. They are capable of massive amounts of power. Go on youtube and search om606 superturbodiesel.

May 02, 2016 This is a OM606 that gets 7, 5mm elements and a Garret Turbo. It runs nice and almost smokefree at full load. Pump is set to cc of fuel, stock RPM. Dec 16, 2009 This is a bit easier to do on the S& G Class version of the OM606 turbo. Someone has designed a similar mod for the Eclass version. Aside from crudding up the intake, there is another reason for removing the EGR on the OM606 turbo.

Apr 25, 2013 Mercedes om606 engine Sign in to follow this no sensors. Only a pull to stop cable and with the right pump and turbo an easy 400hp is achievable. The factory governor is set at 5200rpm and they pick up revs very quickly. I think i'm going to use a merc 6 speed manual and a divorced lt230.

I'm going to have a go at using a Bosch Ve off Nov 21, 2015 Thats an easy one, Get a Merc E Class E300 turbo diesel with the OM606 engine in it. For this kind of tuning, modern common rail would be useless as the parts used on many cars are far too specialised to each car (mainly injectors and pumps, any turbo could be made to work).

The MercedesBenz OM606 is a 3. 0 litre inlinesix cylinder (R6I6) double overhead camshaft (DOHC) diesel engine with indirect injection manufactured by MercedesBenz between 1993 and 2001.

It replaced the single overhead camshaft (SOHC) OM603 engine. Diesel performance and diesel tuning, Diesel Performance Pistons, Drifting Garage, Mercedes performance and Mercedes tuning, om606, Performance Diesel Injectors, Turbo diesel, Turbo Diesel Garage daily drivers and drifters, w203 May 19, 2014 Here are some pics of my OM606 na, now with a turbo fitted.

The turbo is a new Garrett T25, as specified for a Musso OM662. I purchased the factory OM606a exhaust manifold and a friend made up Om606 turbo tuning manual kit" including the oil feed, oil return and some pipework. Oct 30, 2014 If I get an OM606 and fit a mechanical IP from Om606 turbo tuning manual OM603 (Leave the standard elements in the pump, which I believe is 5.

5mm), change the turbo to vacuum actuator. what sort of torque and HP would this create? I can help you out with all your manual transmission, clutch, flywheel, intake and exhaust manifold issues.10: 49 AM Home SHOP.

SHOP. Super Turbo Diesel PARTS, SERVICE, CONVERSIONS. We stock a range of Custom Turbo Diesel tuning Parts as well as conventional Spares. If you require a Unique and Powerful BUILD, Adaptor KIT CHEVY Chevrolet Small and Big Block Auto TRANs to om606 Dec 29, 2015 Mercedes W124 om606. 910 Turbo conversion. I mounted a original turbo manifold with a homemade adapter and a T3T4 hybrid turbo. I also built a 3" straightpipe exhaust. May 05, 2008 An NA OM606 found in an earlier (non W210 chassis) car would also work, but you'd be better off finding a turbo'd unit to start with since the hard parts are already setup for the punishment.

Some guys have used Mercedes manual trannies behind these, but they claim to have a very hard time keeping clutches in them.

Jan 10, 2015 standard injection pump om603 to om606 Do I need to upgrade from a pump injection turbo diesel om603 to apply it in om606 turbo diesel engine that had the power of 177hp? if standard om603 turbo diesel pump injection is not efficient enough to get the full power of 177hp? ? ? ? Mercedes OM606 Engine Conversions. 3.

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