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manual please contact PONOVO POWER CO.LTD in advance. This manual represents the technical status for the moment of pub lishing. The product information, description and specifications mentioned in the manual do not have any contact binding force and PW636i Hardware Instruction Manual PW636i Apc Manual Generator Transfer Switches Huge Selection of Apc Manual Transfer Switches.

Buy your Apc Portable Generator Transfer Switch direct and save. The Ponovo PW636i advanced relay testing system. Secondary injection test set with 6currents and 4voltages sources.

Testing differential relays without changing cable Ponovo PW636i Read more; Ponovo T200A Read more; Ponovo L336i Read more; Ponovo L336iE Read more; Ponovo PCT 200Ai Read more; Ponovo PCT 200i Read more; Ponovo POM Read more; Ponovo POM MANUAL CABLE DIAGNOSTICS: MANUAL CABLE FAULT LOCATION: PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Protect whats most important to you with HomeLink. Generacs HomeLink Transfer Switch goes beyond what other manual transfer switches can do.

Find out all of the information about the PONOVO POWER CO.LTD product: current test device relay computercontrolled 6x32 A, 4x300 V PW636i. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to Consult PONOVO POWER CO.LTD's Protection Relay Test SetRelay tester S40 brochure on DirectIndustry.

Page: 11 Ponovo L336iE L336iE is the new economic version of relay test equipment L336i. This relay test kit is with 320A and 4300V, only 8.

8kg with powerful Powertest software, it can test Ponovo pw636i manual transfer types of modern multifunction relays. Consult PONOVO POWER CO.LTD's Relay test kit L336i brochure on DirectIndustry. Page: 14. PowerTest software Test modules example Quick Test Manual or auto control over all voltage and current sources.

All test parameters, such as amplitude, phase, frequency, etc can be set separately. PW636i (632A, 4300V) The PONOVO PW636i Protection Relay Test Equipment (6I) PW636i (632A, 4300V) is the computer aided relay testing equipment.

One of the most significant features of the relay tester is its high power capacity for its current amplifiers. It is the ideal relay test solution for applications which require large current output. The PW636I Universal Test System is a computer aided relay test unit with a high capacity for its current amplifiers, making it ideal for large current output situations. Home Electrical Test Equipment Hire Relay Test Equipment Ponovo PW636I Relay Test Set with Advanced Protection Software.

Computer aided relay testing equipment PW636i (632A, 4300V) is featured with high power capacity for its current amplifiers. It's the idea relay testing solution for applications where large current output is required.

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