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The Mitsubishi FTO is a front engined, frontwheel drive Sports Car produced by Mitsubishi Motors between 1994 2001. Contents[show Recent Changes Styles and Major Options Prefacelift models GS This was the entry level FTO, and the only 4 cylinder model produced. Power was supplied by a Mar 15, 2009 Mitsubishi FTO Tiptronic Gearbox. I have just tried to sell my1996 FTO and the purchaser told me there was a problem with the tiptronic Gearbox.

He said the electronic regulators on the gearbox had been damaged because the battery had been charged on the vehicle and not been taken off prior to charging.

He wanted a 1000 reduction on the price to compensate! The poly mounts made a difference that I could feel in my first supercharged FTO and i'm currently running uprated rubber ones for the manual on my Supercharged Tiptronic facelift (they are for the EVO and are in insert press in type) Aug 24, 2010  The Irish Mitsubishi FTO Owners Club.

The home of Irish Mitsubishi FTO Owners. Board index General FTO GPX (Tiptronic) vs FTO GPX (manual) Even though I love the tip gearbox, and the smoothness of the changes, it is totally obvious after driving Bernard's (manual), that the tip gearbox takes a lot of the power from the engine.

Jun 28, 2008 You are currently viewing the FIAT Forum as a guest which gives you limited access to our many features. Mitsubishi FTO 2. 0 V6 GPX 2. Fiat Bravo HGT 060 Tiptronic 7. 0sec, manual 6. 5secs 143mph top end manual, 140 tiptronic The Mitsubishi FTO, is a front engined, frontwheel drive coupe produced by Mitsubishi Motors between 1994 and 2000. It was originally planned to be exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, although its popularity as a grey market import to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand led to eventual limited distribution through Mitsubishi's official dealers in those Sep 07, 2009  The Irish Mitsubishi FTO Owners Club.

The home of Irish Mitsubishi FTO Owners. Board index FTO I have a problem with my auto box. when in auto wont change out of first and when in manual i can only go between first and second, reverse is fine. diagnostic brings up output speed sensor by replacing it is this likely to solve the problem Feb 08, 2005 Manual or Tiptronic FTO Car Forums. Automotive Forums. com Car Chat Mitsubishi FTO Manual or Tiptronic. Page updated on Manual or Tiptronic.

Asguard.05: 26 PM. I just want to know which is the best combination for the GPX? The manual or the Tiptronic gearbox, is the Tiptronic gearbox as good as the manual shifting Jul 03, 2009 I am thinking about buying a Mitsubishi FTO 2. 0 Tiptronic gearbox. Life Motors This site uses cookies. By continuing to use Mitsubishi fto tiptronic vs manual meat site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. Thinking about buying an FTO. Im not too keen on an auto but I have no idea what the tiptronic is, other than it can be used as a manual Mitsubishi FTO History Mitsubishi FTO The Mitsubishi FTO, short for Fresh Touring Origination, was a car produced by Mitsubishi for the domestic Japanese market from 1994 through 2000.

The choice of gearboxes available to the FTO were a 5 speed manual or the INVECSII Tiptronic gearbox, which is an automatic transmission that also allows Home Mitsubishi FTO Parts FTO TiptronicAuto Gearbox Parts The following discounts apply to all these products.

Free Shipping to UK Mainland Excl Highlands& Islands (Orders over 100. 00) Jan 16, 2015 Here's my 1995 Mitsubishi FTO GPX, nice to meet you all i have such a soft spot for the much maligned FTO. ive had 2 over the years: GPX tiptronic in silver I also had a FTO GPX manual

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