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Parts for Model 48i CO Analyzer for Ambient Gas Monitoring: Model 48i CO Analyzer offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Standard Operating Procedures Thermo Environmental Instruments Model 48C Trace Level manual for the Thermo Environmental Instruments Model 48CTrace Level (TEI 48C TLE) CO analyzer. The 48C TLE version has four distinct features that allow it to measure CO at ppb levels: The THERMO Model 48iTLE is designated by the United States Thermo 48i tle manual Protection Agency (EPA) as a Reference or Equivalent Method for CO.

AirMon SOP 214 Thermo 48iTLE. docx Page 5 View and Download Thermo Scientific 48i instruction manual online. Trace LevelEnhanced Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer. 48i Measuring Instruments pdf manual download.

Chapter 4 Calibration This chapter describes the procedures for calibrating the Model 48i Trace LevelEnhanced (TLE) analyzer. The information described here is more than iv Model 48i High Level Instruction Manual Thermo Electron Corporation The following symbol and description identify the WEEE marking used on the instrument and in the associated documentation.

Product Specifications The Thermo Scientific Model 43i Sulfur Dioxide (SO 2) Analyzer utilizes pulsed fluorescence technology to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide in Thermo 48iTLE Enhanced TraceLevel Carbon Monoxide Analyzer Using gas filter correlation technology, the Model 48TLE measures the amount of carbon monoxide in the air in real time.

CO absorbs at around 4. 7 Um. Measure trace levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air with the Thermo Scientific Model 48iTLE Enhanced Trace Level CO Analyzer, which utilizes gas filter correlation and NDIR technology. The enhanced sample conditioned temperature stabilization and autozeroing of the Model 48TLE result in a Thermo Fisher Scientific Model 43i Trace LevelEnhanced Instruction Manual v About This Manual This manual provides information about installing, operating, maintaining, Model 48i CO Analyzer Related applications: Environmental Measure the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air with the Thermo Scientific Model 48 i CO Analyzer.

refer to the appropriate THERMO Instrument manual for a further explanation. The THERMO Model 48i is designated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency The THERMO 48i is normally installed and operated with the following equipment: THERMO Instrument Manual Monitor (48iTLE), Thermo Scientific Models 146i Dynamic Gas Calibration System, and a Teledyne Instruments Zero Air Module Model 701H. manufacturer's instruction manual. By keeping track of the instrument responses from week to week, the operator can observe trends, which would alert the operator of a potential problem, and to correct the

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