Dexcam 3 intraoral camera user manual

DEXcam 4 is our premium camera. It features higher image resolution and easeofuse enhancements. It features higher image resolution and easeofuse enhancements. DEXcam 3 continues to be available for those who prefer a basic camera. DEXIS offers two intraoral cameras. Choose the one that best meets the needs of your practice.

DEXcam 4 is our newest, premium camera. It features higher image resolution and Manuals& Downloads DexCam. ImageMaster. DigiDoc. MOST INTRAORAL CAMERAS HAVE NO RESOURCES FOR PARTS OR SERVICES. Imagin's Intraoral camera repair team can design, engineer and build its own service parts, which in most cases become a better part over the original! Fiber Optic Cables. DEXIS Customer Care We understand that Xray imaging is a key diagnostic activity in your dental practice and that ongoing service and support are very important to you.

DEXIS has invested in one of the most highly responsive, knowledgeable and courteous teams in the industry.

DEXcam 3 is a directUSB intraoral video camera that provides image support for clinical diagnostics and is an excellent tool for patient education and communication. It features a 7element glass optical lens, 4 bright LEDs, an internal prism that provides optimal lighting, and a CCD sensor for sharp, highdefinition image quality. 2 DENTAL CAMERA USER MANUAL S595 GB V1. 0 MAY 21, 2001 1. PRESENTATION OF THE DENTAL CAMERA Its an intraoral camera designed for dental applications but not for diagnosis.

Supported imaging acquisition devices GW Technical Writer Updated July 25 Dexis DEXcam 3. Dexis DEXcam 4. RealCloud HD1 (for Mac OS, supported using the Generic Intraoral Camera device in Dentrix Ascend Imaging) Acteon Sopro (all models) Digital Doc IRIS (nonHD) Digital Doc IRIS HD.

Intraoral cameras are proven tools for boosting patient awareness and case acceptance, but why do they need to cost thousands of dollars? MouthWatch makes chairside intraoral imaging affordable enough to include a camera in every operatory, making case presentation and treatment proposals that much easierand more effective!

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Or you may complete our return equipment submission form below and we will email you a FREE incoming shipping label. C38A PLU753 DEXcam Camera Sheaths 500Pkg 110. 55 V797P3211M Yes C38A PLU754 DEXcam3 Camera Holster 21. 61 V797P3211M Yes Schein is recognized by the VA as a participating dealer on the DEXIS contract. Please provide us with a few details by completing the Literature Request Form, and well get to work preparing and shipping your DEXIS LitKit.

Your kit will include: Product brochures several of them, including DEXIS Platinum Sensor, Imaging Suite, CariVu, DEXcam 4 and DEXshield

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