Hill-rom bed instruction manual

To identify your bed model, look at the serial number label. The label is on the right side of the weigh frame, under the pati ents shoulder. For example, P3200AXXXX identifies an A model bed. Also in this document where two versions of a symbol are shown, one or the other will be used on your bed. www. hillrom. com Hill Rom Total Care Connecti Brochure FEATURES HeadOfBed (HOB)Alarm sounds automatically when the bed angle falls below 30 degrees, the angle called for in VAP prevention protocols.

The HillRom 100 Low Bed combines warmth and style with essential resident safety featuresall in a bed thats easy to use and maintain. Best of all, its designed and engineered with the quality you expect from HillRom at an affordable price. HillRom 900Intuitive and efficient care: a better outcome, The HillRom 900 bed offers maximum functionality with minimal complexity, so you spend less time USER MANUAL TotalCare Bariatric Bed From HillRom This manual provides the information required for normal operation of the TotalCare Bariatric Bed from HillRom.

Before operating the TotalCare Bariatric Bed, be sure that you have read and understood in detail HillRom Basic Care Bed Service Manual.

Uploaded by renatozimermann. Related Interests. Basic Care Bed Service Manual (man336) Page 1 15 1 Warning and Caution Labels any alterations or repairs not in accordance with HillRoms manuals or performed by others in such manner as HillRom is a leading provider of medical technologies for the health care industry including hospital beds, patient lifts, and noninvasive therapeutic products.

HillRom recommends that the appropriate medical personnel determine the level of restraint necessary to ensure a patient will remain safely in bed.

and remove it from service. push and pull on the bed to check it after the brakes are engaged. consult the restraint manufacturers instructions for use to verify the correct application of each This manual provides the information required fo r normal operation of the VersaCare Bed from HillRom.

Before operating the VersaCare Bed, be sure that you have read and understood in detail the contents of this manual. It is important that you read and strictly adhere to HillRom TotalCare Series Bed. Progressa Bed System. HillRom Procedural Stretcher. HillRom P500 Therapy Surface. HillRom Overbed Tables. HillRom 100 Low LTC Bed. Envella Bed. Compella Bariatric Bed. Clinitron RiteHite Bed. HillRom Clinitron At Home Bed.

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