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Want to restore a Mac to its factory settings? Here, we'll show you how to do so, regardless of which machine you're currently using. The Manual Who We Are About Us Digital Trends helps To reset NVRAM, first turn off the firmware password. When your Mac finishes starting up, you might want to open System Preferences and adjust any settings that were reset, such as sound volume, display resolution, startup disk selection, or time zone. If you're selling a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar If you follow the steps above, the information stored in the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro will be securely erased.

However, if you've decided to use a thirdparty program or used Target Disk mode to erase your Mac, you should follow these additional steps to ensure that your Touch Bar data is also Jan 17, 2015 Easiest way to Format Factory Reset your Mac (MacBook Pro, Retina, Air, iMac, Mac Pro& Mac Mini).

This tutorial will install the latest OS X Yosemite on y Aug 22, 2013 How to: Factory Reset Hard Reset Your MacBook Pro& Air (Easiest Method) MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, Macbook Pro Factory Reset With Welcome Screen Duration: May 14, 2018 How to Reset a MacBook Pro Three Methods: Resetting the NVRAM Resetting the Battery Restoring Factory Settings Community Q& A This wikiHow teaches you how to reset your MacBook Pro's NVRAM and battery settings, as well as how to wipe your MacBook Pro and restore it to its factory settings.

If you have a 2012 or earlier Mac Pro that isn't responding to the normal SMC reset, you can force a manual SMC reset by using the SMC reset button located on To reset the SMC on a Mac notebook, first determine whether the battery is removable. Most older Mac notebooks have removable batteries. Mac notebooks that have nonremovable batteries include MacBook Pro (Early 2009 and later), all models of MacBook Air, MacBook (Late 2009), and MacBook (Retina, 12inch, Early 2015 and later).

How can the answer be improved? Look for either Internet Recovery or OS X Recovery, and select whichever one you find. This should present you with a Reinstall OS X option. Click on it, and then wait as your MacBook Pro connects to the Internet and gathers information on your laptop from Apple servers.

How To Reset Your Macs SMC& PRAM And Why. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. Advertisement. Sometimes your Mac will act strange for no apparent reason lights wont be working correctly, volume settings will be off, My 2011 MacBook Pro has been acting weird, and today while in light use my acreen turned white with How to reset a Mac to factory settings.

Signing out will also remove any Apple Pay card information if you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. You may want to factory reset your MacBook Pro if has become sluggish, the important settings are completely messed up and ca

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