Intrinsically safe addressable manual call point

Manual Alarm Call Points Manual alarm call points are designed for the purpose of raising an alarm manually once verification of a fire or emergency condition exists, by operating the push button or break glass the alarm signal can be raised.

Analogue Addressable Manual Call Points. ANALOGUE ADDRESSABLE FIRE DETECTION. Hochikis comprehensive Analogue Addressable range is suitable for even the most demanding applications and incorporates high performance sensors, a The Salwico ACPIS is a intrinsically safe addressable Manual Call Point. It is used for the Salwico Fire Alarm Systems CS3000, CS4000 and NSAC1. Up to 20 addressable IS units can be connected to an ISOLATORA. Pressing the glass causes it to crack and activates the fire alarm.

The CCPEIS is a Conventional callpoint based upon the industry standard KAC world series housing, which can be used in hazardous areas. Home Products CCPEIS Hochiki Intrinsically Safe Conventional Manual Call Point CCPEIS Hochiki Intrinsically Safe Conventional Manual Call Point BG3 Intrinsically Safe Manual Call Point This manual call point has a corrosion resistant GRP body suiting it to the harsh hazardous environments found in both offshore and Intrinsically Safe.

Manual Call Points Ex Versions; Transponders Input& Output Modules; Voice Alarm Systems; Addressable MCP, IP66. Addressable manual call point in conformity with EN 5411 type B with loop isolator for manually triggering fire alarms or hazard alarms. For outdoor application or application in damp environments. An Intrinsically Safe manual call point is available for installation in hazardous areas.

These call points are manufactured to protect against other hazards, as defined in paragraph of annex II of the ATEX Directive 949EC. Explosionproof conventional MCP, IP66 Explosionproof encapsulated conventional manual call point for hazardous areas in conformity with EN 5411 Type B for the manual actuation of a fire alarm andor a hazard alarm, as a detector for usage in explosionhazardous areas both inside and outside. PDS www. ampac. net 1 of 1 XP95 Intrinsically Safe Addressable Manual Call Point Features Hochiki Manual Call Points Hochiki produces a wide range of conventional and addressable Manual Call Points, as well as intrinsically safe and waterproof versions.

The Conventional IS Manual Call Point has been designed to operate on conventional intrinsically safe fire detection systems. Designed specifically for use in atmospheres in which explosive mixtures are or may be present, certain design considerations must be observed.

Full information on this to be found in PP1095. The Manual Call Point is available in two versions, indoor and outdoor in The ISCP4APT and ISCP4BPT push button, tool resettable, manual call points are approved for Zones 0, 1, 2, 21& 22 requiring intrinsically safe equipment for the

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