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Manual cleaning DatexOhmeda recommends that manual cleaning is always followed by a high level disinfection. Clean the canister and lid under total immersion in a sink with water and cleaning agent for at least 3 minutes. Aisys CS User's Reference Manual Software Revision 10. X. User responsibility DatexOhmeda, Inc. a General Electric Company, doing business as The Aisys CS2 is scalable, flexible, and functionally integrated, featuring the most advanced design, ventilation, respiratory The Aisys CS 2 user interface was designed with intelligent menus that may help reduce setup time and help minimize training needs.

We analyzed countless Carestation data logs, reviewing keystrokes and menu interactions to design an intuitive user interface that truly fits the way you work. S5 Avance ii 1103 Important The information contained in this Technical Reference manual pertains only to those models of products which are marketed by DatexOhmeda as of the effective date of this manual or the The xxxx is the certification number of the Notified Body used by DatexOhmedas Quality Systems.

Aisys Carestation Systems with this mark agree with the Authorized representative in the European Council Directive (9342EEC) for European Community Medical Devices when they are used as specified in their Users Reference manuals. DatexOhmeda manuals. Warnings and Cautions tell you about dangerous conditions that can occur if you do not follow all instructions in this manual. Warnings tell about a condition that can cause injury to the operator or the patient.

Cautions tell about a condition that can cause damage to the equipment. Read and follow all warnings and cautions. instructions in this Users Reference manual.

The ventilator is designed to be used with infant through adult patients with a body weight of 5 kg or greater. If the neonatal option is DatexOhmeda manuals.

Warnings and Cautions tell about the dangerous conditions that can User's reference manual; GE auisys cs2 User's Reference Manual. Aisys CS User's Reference Manual Software Revision 10. X Page 2. User responsibility DatexOhmeda, Inc. a General Electric Company, doing business as GE Healthcare. This product will perform in conformity with the description thereof contained in this Users Reference DatexOhmeda Medical Equipment In 2003, GE Healthcare acquired Instrumentarium's DatexOhmeda division which manufactured anesthesia, respiratory, and monitoring equipment.

The Datex Ohmeda brand has remained popular in the marketplace and is still branded on select GE equipment. The Aisys Carestation from GE Healthcare helps you deliver unmatched performance through patientfocused care.

Our perioperative carestations integrate devices, therapies and information systems at the point of need at your fingertips. DatexOhmeda Aisys Service manual 7.

7 MB Download prohibited by GE. Support is not desired. DatexOhmeda AS3 Aespire Service manual DatexOhmeda S5 Modules Technical manuals 21. 0 MB Download Datex Tec 4 Service manual 460 KB Download Datex Tec 5 Aisys Users Reference Manual Part 2 of 2 Software Revision 3. X Setup, Cleaning, Maintenance, Parts, Specifications. User Responsibility DatexOhmeda recommends that a telephonic or written request for service advice be made to the nearest DatexOhmeda Customer Service Center.

This Product or any of its parts Datex Ohmeda ADU Plus Carestation User's Manual. Datex Ohmeda ADU Plus Carestation by Datex Ohmeda. Download PDF. Product Details. Forums; Documents; Videos; News; Loading Document Site Links.

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