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EFRATOM LPRO101 Repair reference guide By Fred de Vries, PE1FBO, 2010 The official temperatures (according to the manual) are 110 C for the lamp, and Efratom Rubidium frequency synthesizer schema A part) 10 MHz LPRO Rubidum Oscillator USERS GUIDE and INTEGRATION GUIDELINES SO D LPRO Rubidium Oscillator for Time& Frequency Reference The Surplus 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Standard LPRO101 by DATUMEFRATOM in the ham shack Hans, DL2MDQ and Juergen, DD6UJS, similar to what is proposed in the LPRO101 Manual (6).

Efratom has used a fusing kind of isolation pad to mount both heater transistors. This results in a very low thermal resistance from transistor case to the aluminium base.

LPRO101 Efratom V Tested Datum Lamp Lpro Rubidium Oscillator 7. 24 10mhz The Rubidium lamp housing is about 101 Celcius The Rubidium cell is about 71 Celcius The official temperatures (according to the manual) are 110 C for the lamp, and 79 C for the Rb cell.

The housing of the heated assemblies measures lower. A homebrew rubidium oscillator clock Luckily this has changed a couple of days ago I found an EFRATOM (now Symmetricom) LPRO101 rubidium oscillator at a large online auctioning house for a very reasonable price. With this oscillator as the basic building block for a really stable clock I decided to built yet another clock (my last A portable 10 MHz Rubidium Frequency Reference using the Efratom LPRO101.

(described here), this one, using the Efratom LPRO101 and another rubidium reference using the FE5680A Operators manual for the LPRO101 This contains useful information on the hookup and operation of one of these units. LPRO101 Rubidium (Rb) Disciplined Crystal Oscillator LPRO101 Rubidium (Rb) Disciplined Crystal Oscillator.

LPRO101 The Efratom LPRO101 is a Rb oscillator that can used to discipline the FLEX5000 and FLEX1500. Efratom used to be part of the Ball Corporation but is now part of Datum. The LPRO101 Rb reference is

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