Jasco fp-6500 spectrofluorometer manual

Spectrofluorometer Spectrofluorometer FP6000 Series FP6500 Excellent optics and high sensitivity FP optical system utilizes high quality components. Page 1: Jasco FP6500 Instruction Manual. 12 2.

Startup and shutdown procedures and [Spectra Manager Model FP6500 Spectrofluorometer Instruction Manual FP6500 for Windows using the spectrofluorometer, read this manual carefully to ensure that the operating procedures are fully understood. Refer to the [Spectra Analysis Instruction Manual for details.

FP8500 Fluorescence Spectrometer Research model with the highest performance in the world. Optimized for the analysis of solid samples and advanced materials. FP6500 The FP6500 is the researchgrade spectrofluorometer with a minimum 1 nm resolution and a highest sensitivity SN ratio 200 or greater for the Raman band of water.

The FP is especially designed to keep in mind in order to meet requirements in biochemistry as kinetics, stoppedflow, titration, or anisotropic measurements.

FP8300 Fluorescence Spectrometer Versatile model, specifically designed for bioapplications, such as stopped flow, fluorescence anisotropy and autotitration applications. In 1967, JASCO launched the FP1, which was the first in a long line of spectrofluorometers. The FP8000 Series is the latest comprehensive range of instruments, developed to provide accurate measurements for bio and material sciences, from a simple entry level model for fluorescence JASCO Fluorescence Spectrophotometer FP6000 Series Spectrofluorometer The FP6000 Series meets the demands of both research and routine analysis by combining a highly sensitive and flexible FP6500 The FP6500 is the researchgrade spectrofluorometer with a minimum 1 nm resolution Hitachi' s Superior Fluorescence Technology has created a new generation of fluorescence spectrometers.

F7100 is the evolution of the robust and reliable F7000 with the latest optical technology and improved analytical performance. JASCO's latest research grade spectrofluorometer combines excellent specifications and a flexible optical system with JASCO's unique cross platform spectroscopy software suite Spectra Manager.

The FP6500 was designed to meet the FP8000 spectrofluorometers. The instruments belonging to the FP8000 spectrofluorometer family were introduced in 2011 and faithfully to the JASCO traditions, they are double monochromator instruments, in which the excitation and emitted lights are resolved by separate monochromators.

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