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This manual page was written by Stephen Kitt, based on that present in the lineakd package, for the Debian GNULinux system (but may be used by others). NOTES 1. Powered by the Ubuntu Manpage Repository, file bugs in Launchpad 2018 Canonical Ltd.

Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. HTML rendering created by Michael Kerrisk, author of The Linux Programming Interface, maintainer of the Linux manpages project. For details of indepth LinuxUNIX system programming training courses that I teach, look here. By default Ubuntu doesnt install the manual pages used for Linux software development which is an invaluable reference for any system developer.

These man pages describe the Linux programming interface including Linux system calls as well as system library calls. Rhein Ouaiffe on Fix blue tinted video in Ubuntu; In color mode this option equally affects the red, green, and blue channels simultaneously (i. is an intensity gamma table). The description above shows that option gammatable expects zero or more values in the range 0 to 255. In this tutorial Ill show how to get some nicely colored man pages by adding several lines inside the.

bashrc file, explaining what the code means and how it works. Except for the eyecandy, colors may help when it comes to clarity, although some prefer the default monochrome approach. At the Unix Linux: Display Color Man Pages Linux Unix: Colored Man Pages With less Command This entry is 3 of 5 in the Installing and Using Man Pages Tutorial series.

This means that Blueman should be autostarted with most desktop environments without manual intervention. See the article for your desktop environment or window manager as well as the Autostarting article for further information on autostarting.

Colors in Man Pages. Ask Question. up vote 60 down vote favorite. 34. Indeed, the translation of underline into blue has historic reasons, going back to the text modes of the original PC graphics adapters MDA and CGA (actually the CGA text modes are still available to date).

When to use man and man k to check manual pages? 5. Ubuntu Desktop Guide. Ubuntu 18. 04. Getting Started with GNOME New to GNOME? Learn how to get around. Introduction to GNOME A visual introduction to your desktop, the top bar, and the Activities overview.

Log out, power off or switch users Learn how to leave your user account, by logging out, switching users, and so on.

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