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Use a key worker system so parents know who to talk to about their child. The Key Worker needs to be aware of their individual childs and familys needs, preferences and development.

They also will take additional care to make observations and recommendations for their key children to best facilitate their education and development according to the Aistear themes and Solta standards.

Key worker system does not mean taking your group of 10 or 11 and only working with them in isolation The system is about the individual within the context of the group. Think about seamless play with all the children while keeping an extra eye on your key children. Key Worker Each Child is assigned to a key worker; each key worker is selected in consultation with the manager based on which staff will be in direct contact with the child on a daily basis.

CHILD OBSERVATIONS and ASSESSMENT Information can be stored using a structured, manual filing system, andor electronically. Where Aistear: the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework Monica, his Key Worker, is watching closely nearby. Daniel has tried several times to pull himself up by holding on to a rollalong toy but as soon as he grabs it the toy tends to move and Daniel slides back down on the floor.

He is starting and use a key worker system so that each The principles of the key person approach can be linked to the Solta Standards on Rights of the Child, Interactions, Play, Curriculum, Health and Welfare, Transitions, and Identity and Belonging, and all four of the Aistear themes of Well being, Exploring and Thinking, Communication, and Research Key worker system aistear manual Standard 13 Transitions Ensuring continuity of experiences for children requires policies, procedures and practice that promote sensitive management of transitions, consistency in key relationships, in early childhood settings through a key worker system, where Our Key Worker System.

The aim of Aistear is to help every child to grow and develop as a competent and confident learner. Ultimately, according to Aistear, early childhood care and education must support a childs sense of: Hi, I am trying to link my playschool curriculum with aistear, anyone any samples to make my life a little easier.

As Key Workers we can make learning more interesting and motivating for children by celebrating and acknowledging all Also CCCs were given Aistear manuals covering some of what's on the website for distribution if you didn Our Key Worker System. At Honeybear we recognise that parentcarers are by far the most important people in the lives of their children. We see that it is of vital importance that there is an identified member of staff, that both the child and parentcarer can develop a close professional relationship with; this allows for warm attachments to

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