Aerograph sprite major manuals

May 24, 2010 (Aerograph is now chinese and quality is no longer quite the same) This airbrush has what seems NPT threaded connection, as does the hose. However, my new compressor has the now more common (in europe) 18" BSP size thread connection. Feb 24, 2013  Sprite, produced by the Coca Cola Company was created in response to the growing popularity of 7Up.

7Up has been around since the late 20's, while Sprite was first produced in 1961. We are the official manufacturer of Aerograph products and here you will find spares for Aerograph Super 63, Aerograph sprite major manuals 93, Sprite Major and Sprite airbrushes. Previous known as DeVilbiss Aerograph, the Aerograph brand has been associated with quality airbrushes and accessories for over 100 years. DeVilbiss Aerograph Sprite Major This airbrush is from England There is no rocker( back lever ) and the needle is attached to the needle guide which is then attached to a screw in section in between the handle and airbrush body.

Jan 22, 2016 Sprite and Super63 on the other hand, are lovely airbrushes, with the paints they were made for.

I think the papers for the Super 63 can substitude if you can't find any for the Sprite, as it is just a more modern version of the Super63. Sep 07, 2007 all 63 and 93 spares are the same even the sprite and sprite major nozzles and needles should fit acording to the manual i have in front of me Aerograph airbrush.

Aerograph SpriteSprite Major Replacement Trigger; Zoom. Aerograph SpriteSprite Major Replacement Trigger. Be the first to review this product. SKU: AEROABA404K. This item will fit all Aerograph SpriteSprite Major airbrushes only. Aerograph Co. Ltd Airbrush Posted by Baggo on Friday, May 11, 2012 8: 00 PM Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some info (age, how much it's worth) about this airbrush.

Does anyone know where I can parts for a Aerograph Sprite Major Airbrush. They were made by Devilbiss Co.of Bournemouth, about 20 years ago. I need a couple of new needles and any other of the usual replacement bits. SAVE THIS MANUAL You will need this manual for safety warnings, precautions, operation, inspection, maintenance, cleaning procedures, parts mbly diagram. Keep your invoice with this manual.

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