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Jul 05, 2015 5th Gen Prelude Auto Manual Conversion I recently turbo my car and have had many problems related to the automatic transmission, so I decided to do a swap for a manual.

Oct 22, 2011 Is it posable to convert an auto transmission fifth gen prelude to a 5 speed manual? If so how hard would this be, and what would be needed to do it? May 24, 2012  hey buddy, right im doing a auto to manual on my friends 99 Lude, i used this link for info.

RomPirates 5spd Swap Resource Thread Honda Prelude Forum: Honda Prelude Forums Jan 19, 2010 i have gen5 jdm sir tt, just bought gen4 to convert the gen5 to manual, need all the help you can give me.

information on the clutch pedal spacer, Nov 18, 2010  Honda Prelude Forum: Honda Prelude Forums Prelude Forums 5th Gen auto to manual Ecu\ and vtec not engaging, Please help im desperate for an answer PDA: auto to manual Ecu\ and vtec not Aug 18, 2008  Forums Model Specific Prelude you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Auto to manual conversion prelude forum More. 01 prelude auto to manual convertion Discussion in 'Prelude' started by cmarin, Aug 7, 2008. cmarin my friend did a swap on his eg he put a h22 a on his but he did not wanted the lsd tranny so he sold it to me so here i am trying to Feb 07, 2013  Auto Trans to Manual Swap Guide Ok so I know there are many forums showing how to do this but Im finding some steps are not illustrated very well.

This is the way I did it so Hopefully I dont leave any steps out I Feb 17, 2004  92 prelude Auto to Manual swap If anyone would help out and post all the parts needed to do this swap from the auto Hello everybody! Next week i'm going to help a friend who own an 5th gen H22 with an auto transmission. He want me to remove the auto gearbox and put an manual Sep 11, 2002  Consult the vaccum hose diagram in the Prelude manual for more details here, it's pretty self explanitory.

MAP Sensor: You will need the MAP sensor off a Prelude, as the Accord MAP is mounted on the throttle body, but the Prelude has it mounted on the firewall. If you are doing a automatic to manual swap this will be

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