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one: Percona Toolkits manual is now available as PDF requires registration. The TauP Toolkit: Flexible Seismic TravelTime and Raypath Utilities. ptc protoolkit tutorial A pdf copy of this paper is also available in the distribution.

The XOP Toolkit consists of a library of XOPSupport routines that allow an XOP to communicate with Igor, a comprehensive manual, as well as source code and project files for many sample XOPs. XOP Toolkit 7 can create XOPs for Igor Pro 6. 20 or later. The XOP Toolkit manual explains every facet of XOP programming. It includes overview, tutorial, and reference material. The tutorial takes you, stepbystep, through the process of creating an external function used for curvefitting.

Chapter 15 lists each of the XOP Toolkit routines available for you to call to interact with Igor or to perform other tasks. If you are upgrading an XOP that was created with XOP Toolkit 6, we recommend that you read this Igor XOP Toolkit PDF Manual WaveMetrics XOP Toolkit 6. 30 is now shipping.

This release adds support for Xcode through 4. 6 and for Visual C 2012. This release is mostly to keep up with Xcode 4 changes and to add Visual C 2012 sample XOPs and documentation. Reference manual for the Igor External Operations Toolkit Version 6.

40 a software package for creating C or C extensions for Igor Pro. Nidaq Tools Mx Manual IGOR Pro XOP Toolkit NIDAQ Tools MX Filter Design Third party Programming Custom Interfaces Notebooks Online Help Manual Video Tutorials.

I recently installed the XOP toolbox in Windows 7 and compiled and built the VDT2 XOP in Visual Studio 13. Igor (v6. 4) recognizes the commands in the VDT2 XOP from the command line, but the help files report, for example, " VDTWriteWave2 operation is supplied by the VDT2 XOP.

Unzip EPICS Helper. ihf to folder" Igor Help Files" Relaunch IGOR Pro and execute command DisplayHelpTopic" EPICS XOP" to display the manual. Have a look at the example usages. Build. This instruction assumes the knowledge of Igor xop toolkit manually an IGOR XOP project.

Chapter 3 of XOP Toolkit manual is a good reference. Requirements: EPICS 3. 14.

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