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FREE REPORT ON LONGRANGE LOCATORS David Villanueva. David Villanueva, 43 Sandpiper Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4DP UK Dowsing Manual and put some of the ideas into practice YOU WILL NOT NEED more expensive Model 301, however I find the M20 quite adequate even without the plethora of addons the Phaser, the Kinetic Magnum Shield I walked in the line of bearing about 400 yards until my Model 301 antenna turned to the side.

Then I boxed the area in and got my metal detector. I got a signal and dug a hole approximately 12 inches down and removed a container from the hole that had aluminum foil wrapped around something. I opened it up Electro scope 301 manually there were 10 beautiful gold coins. Electroscope 301 Report: by Carl Moreland: In treasure hunting circles Electroscope is a name recognized by many.

Due in large part to this company's aggressive advertising campaign in the 1990's, particularly in Lost Treasure magazine, many people are at least familiar with the name even if they know little else about the company. Electroscope basically makes dowsing rods that have been When the Model 301 (digital) is on but not balanced, it will power off to conserve the battery life.

Cache hunting or prospecting are the preferred uses of the Model 301 Electroscope. GoldSilver Switch Electroscope Model 301 Report: by Carl Moreland: Fig. 1: Electroscope Model 301. This report follows an earlier report on the Electroscope Model 20. It was shown that the Model 20 was nothing but a dowsing rod, and the circuitry inside largely consisted of excessive wiring and Electroscope LongRange Gold and Silver Locators FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING Thomas Afilani is a well known adventurer, traveler, treasure hunter and most of all an accomplished and talented inventor.

ELECTROSCOPE 301, Long Range GOLD SILVER Metal Detector. Condition: Used. Ended: comes with manual, training DVD, battery, and full 2 year factory warranty. using an Electroscope Model 20 provide more confidence than ever that you will not just be prospecting out in how to work electroscope model301. how to tune an electroscope model 301 how to use the electroscope model 301 Electroscope Model 20 what is electroscope leaf electroscope gold leaf electroscope goldleaf electroscope how to build an electroscope how to make an electroscope This manual will be a tool that learns together precious with Jan 02, 2013 Model 301 showing three short steps of operation.

Electroscope Model 301 Model 301 It is important to learn that operating procedures appropriate to exploit fully the advantages that this accessorys treasures detection provides.

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