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Electronic Valve Saver Technical Manual Installation Instructions Safety Notices Programming Operation VersionLight. 2 Congratulations We congratulate you on your purchase of this electronic additive dosing system electronic Valve Saver Kit The JLM Valve Saver Kit simply and effectively doses the valve and valve seat cleaning, protective and lead replacing JLM Valve Saver Fluid into the engine i 10 16: 12. 11 JLM LED. JLM Valve Saver Kit Step 6 Adjust JLM Valve Saver Fluid flow as per JLM instruction manual.

Disclaimer: Installation of the JLM octopus cylinder should only be done by an experienced mechanic. GMS Lubricants b. v. cant be held responsible for any damage caused by installation of Installation manual JLM Octopus 4 Cylinder. jlmlubricants. com Step 1: Install JLM Valve Saver Kit as per instructions. Ensure the hose lengths reach the Kit& Octopus before any tting takes place.

JLM Octopus 4 Cylinder Installation Manual. pdf Author: ana. oliveira Electronic Valve Saver Kit Installation Manual Congratulations on your purchase of the JLM Electronic Valve Saver Kit JLM Valve Saver& systems are the first to achieve TUV certification, is the most awarded brand and are manu factured to the highest quality. Valve Saver Kit for CNG& LPG by JLM Lubricants The new JLM Valve Saver Kit is the most reliable way to automatically inject JLM valve saver fluid directly into your vehicles fuel system.

JLM Valve Saver Fluid is the only valve saver fluid in the world that is tested by an independant German university during a proper roadtest. Jlm valve saver fluid protection for valve in lpg powered vehicles.

Using this product reduces valve recession. JLM Valve Saver Kit With Fluid, Flashlube Alternative UK LPG autogas installer and wholesaler for kits, tanks& various LPG components, as well as our own lpg cleaner ic12 Mar 12, 2013 How does Flashlube valve saver kit work? Part 2. Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?

Duration: 6: 11. JLM Valve Saver Kit valve protection LPG

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