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3 Port Solenoid Valve [Low wattage specification [With power saving circuit [Starting 1. 55 W, Holding 0. 55 W [Standard Current model: 2. 0 W Manual override Electrical entry VP300 VP500 VP700 VP300 VP500 VP700 12 VDC 24 VDC 24 VAC 100 VAC 200 VAC 110 VAC 220 VAC 240 VAC P. 1264 Manual Reset Valve, Latched, Energized A solenoid valve is a combination of two basic functional units: Engineering Information Solenoid Valves Principles of Operation Solenoid Valves.

4 E N G I N E E R I N G 464 1 C yl. 2 Pre ss. 3 Ex h. Figure 5A: ThreeWay Normally Closed Valve Airspring return on single solenoid valves. Use for lube or nonlube service. Optional low wattage DC solenoids down to 1 watt. Various types of manual operators and solenoid enclosures. Piston assembly Manual operator Bonded spool One piece body Sealed solenoid enclosure External pilot option Optional pilot exhaust Technical Information 277 Solenoid Valves without Differential Pressure DVGW EN 161 and EN 162 approval, 3.

1 test certificate Solenoid Valves with Differential Pressure Solenoid Valves used in Safety Instrumented Systems Instrumented Function (SIF) utilizing an ASCO Solenoid Valve.

This manual provides necessary requirements for meeting the IEC or IEC functional safety standards. solenoid valve was to spuriously trip, the second solenoid still maintains the position of the Parker Solenoid Valves with Manual Override For equipment test and power outage Markets Industrial equipment process Energy (solar power) Solenoidpneumatic valves, ISO qw Festo core product range Covers 80 of your automation tasks Solenoid valves with square plug, type C Solenoid valves with central round plug Versions 32way valve Manual override nondetenting 47 4 Solenoid valves, mechanical and manual valves Valve control, general symbol Valve control, roll Valve control, spring Valve control, push button Air and Water Solenoid Valves Brass Body 38" to 1" NPT Solenoid Enclosures Nominal Ambient Temp.

Ranges AC: 32F to 125F (0C Solenoid valve manual pdf 52C) DC: 32F to 104F (0C to 40C) Refer to Engineering Section for details. Approvals CSA certified. Meets applicable CE directives. ASCO 8316 solenoid valve EATON Solenoid Operated Directional Valve DG4V3 EVVISSE ugust B3 B DG4V3 Model Series Seal Type Manual Override Option6 Blank Plain override(s) in solenoid end(s) only Double solenoid valves, two position, detented Sol.

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