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WIRE AND VALVE LOCATOR specs and documentation. Find out where to buy. Tempo 521 Handheld Wand Transmitter Locator Underground Cable, Wire, Valve No batteries included. We put batteries in it and it seemed to work. We do not have the capabilities to test this item completely but we will guarantee it to work p WIRE AND VALVE LOCATOR specs and documentation.

Find out where to buy. Model 521a Locator Model 521 Wire and Valve Locator America's Most Shopped Online Sprinkler Store. Learn.

Support. Contractors. Login. Local Classes Webinars Videos Sprinkler School Forum Blog. Contact manual (2106 KB) King Innovation Ball Bearing Probe 12" x 48" Sale Price: 35. 48 The 521A combines adjustable transmitter power with a sensitive locating receiver to allow location of buried wires and valves with speed and confidence. Tempo 521A Wire and Valve Locator. 521A Wire& Valve Locator Instruction Manual. Tempo, Formerly Progressive Electronics, a Greenlee Textron company, manufacturer of high quality telecom test equipment and network test sets.

All of the above equipment is manufactured by Progressive Electronics, Inc.Mesa, Arizona, and are pictured on page 15. START MASTER VALVE ON TURN CLOCK ON END SEQUENCE PROGRESSIVE ELECTRONICS TROUBLE SHOOTING AND MAINTAINING ELECTRICALLY CONTROLLED return to the location where Purpose of This Manual This instruction manual is intended to familiarize all personnel with the safe operation and maintenance procedures for the Greenlee Model 501. Find great deals on eBay for tempo 521 locator.

Shop with confidence. Tempo 521 Transmitter Manual. Tempo 521A Product Manual. The new and improved 521A Wire and Valve Locator builds on the success of the industrystandard Model 521. The new 521A has added features. First look at Garmins new FR6. FR2. 20 GPS running watches. Please note the final in depth reviews are now out, Buy the Greenlee 521 Wire and Valve Locator, as well as other Cable Locating Equipment from TWAcomm.

com, your internet superstore! INSTRUCTION MANUAL Read and understand all of the instructions and Greenlees 521A Wire and Valve Locator is a universal troubleshooting and location.

An absence of tone or null will be detected directly over the path of the wire. Movement to either side will cause the volume of tone signal intensity to

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