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The SDSF manual says that users can reorder columns but not specify what columns are displayed. Further reading leads me to believe I cannot expect a setting that Mar 20, 2016 Hi AllCan anyone please help to provide the JCL for taking the dump of Running SYSLOG from SDSF to a flat file?

Currently I use XDC commandto take the. You need to read the manual that describes the SDSF REXX API. See" SDSF Operation and Customization"SA. Pedro Vera. Pedro Posts: 584 Joined: But I don't think the operation and customization manual will be discontinued for help panels. It is just the user interface that is no longer documented. For the most part, I agree with IBM that it isn't needed although the searching capability would be nice as previously pointed out. zOS V1R2.

0 SDSF Operation and Customization (SA ) Manual: Abstract. operation of the SDSF server, and problem determination, including messages and codes. ; ; Some updates of this book, such as an update between zOS releases, might be available only in softcopy. Chapter 4. Using SDSF in batch. . 179 Invoking SDSF in batch. . 179 Specifying that SDSF should pr ocess JES2.

. 180 Using pr ogram name SDSF. . 180 Sdsf manual pdf You can view, search and print books using the following links: zOS V2R1 SDSF Operation and Customization PDF zOS V1R13 SDSF.

SDSF zOS SDSF Operation and Customization This document is for use with zOS System Display and Search Facility (SDSF). It is intended for system programmers and operators, and assumes you are familiar with the zOS operating system, including JES. This document contains information about migration, customization, security, operation Sdsf Manual Pdf Links to SDSF presentations and manuals at end of this document.

To open a link PDF. Page 18 NP Commands. PDF. Library PDF Contents information, refer to the SDSF Operation and Customization manual for your zOS. Queue, a predecessor of SDSF will provide some of the functionality, and is pages

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