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For CF Handgun Silhouette, I found that difference in the Magnum Research Lone Eagle. Like the Contenders, this gun is a single shot, but any other similarity ends there. Instead of a hinged, breakopen action, The Lone Eagle employs a rotating, " cannonbreech" system of loading and unloading the gun. To field strip the Lone Eagle, pull back on the cocking lever on the front left.

Place the crossbolt safety in the center position. Remove the hex head bolt and lift the barrel assembly upwards. Mar 09, 2013 Magnum Research bought them out and updated there model to the Lone Eagle and quite production in 2001. Competitor Corporation bought them out and still makes the pistol in a much improved version. All versions shoot accurately and have enough mass to handle the heavy recoil produced by many chamberings. Owners Manuals for all Magnum Research Gun products. Get a Printed and bound manual shipped to your door with quick shipping.

Instant download of your user guide Desert Eagle. Desert Eagle Mark XIX; Desert Eagle L6 L5; Baby Eagle Desert Eagle TIG Series; Handguns. Biggest Finest Revolver; Desert Eagle 1911; Rifles. SwitchBolt. 22 LR Jun 30, 2011 I searched for a while for a manual for my Magnum Research Lone Eagle pistol. If any one is needing the owners manual for these great pistols, shoot me an email and I will send you a copy.

These pistols are great but if not properly maintained parts will quickly fail. Nov 22, 2003 One of the members of my board has several of the Lone Eagle's Magnum research lone eagle owners manual and recently broke a firing pin. A call to Magnum Research and he had a new one in short order. Water Rat The pistol that you are probably referring to is the Competitor. The Lone Eagle featured a rotary breechblock similar to those found in naval artillery.

This design provided enormous strength for the highintensity rifle cartridges it fired, and provided a more precise and repeatable lockup than the breakbarrel design of the ThompsonCenter Contender and Encore pistols.

Magnum Research Lone Eagle Owner's Manual Magnum Research Lone Eagle. Trained by This site was developed to help gun owners safely use, maintain and research their firearms. The Tips page. MAGNUM RESEARCH LONE EAGLE SINGLE SHOT 243 PISTOL W This is a Magnum Research model Desert Eagle. 44 magnum with a 6 12" barrel. Magnum Research's Lone Eagle has been upgraded, and its performance is improved. I love it when good things get even better. That's what's happened to the Magnum Research Inc.

(MRI) Lone Eagle singleshot hunting pistol in the past couple of years, and it just keeps on getting better.

Nov 02, 2016 I have been very impressed with Magnum Research's customer service. I got a owners manual and today ordered a spare firing pin for the Lone Eagle.

They have been very responsive often answering my emails within a few hours. Operating instructiOns Desert Eagle Gas Operated SemiAutomatic Pistol Read and fully understand this manual before removing this firearm from its package.


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