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In less than two weeks, New Zealand hosts a round of the World Rally Championship. New Zealanders and our fantastic country will be viewed by millions of people throughout the world.

Capri Car Club of NZ. Appendix, Schedule andor Rule No. reference: Richie Stanaway, 2011 German Formula 3 Champion, won MotorSport New Zealands 2018 CAMS MANUAL OF MOTOR SPORT CONFEDERATION OF AUSTRALIAN MOTOR SPORT WWW.

CAMS. COM. AU GENERAL REGULATIONS (Appendix R) available from the CAMS website. 8. DISCRETION Toyota Racing Series (NZ) 10 8 7 6 5 Appendix Six Schedule T& C MotorSport NZ Manual 35 Live 35 App 6. 05 Sch T& C. docx Latest Amendment: 9 Oct 14 5 (3) Seatbelts must comply with Appendix Two Schedule A or Appendix Six Schedule AA as appropriate for competition. The is a list of approved FHR Device and Helmet Standards in the Motorsport NZ Manual Appendix Two Schedule A 4.

2. There are some interesting video online showing the differences in with and without head and neck restraint devices, with so much proven testing and data, there is no real reason not to wear one and a LOT of The Official MotorSport New Zealand Manual Appendix Six Parts 1 and 2.

National Sporting Code. between the two parties MotorSport New Zealand Inc and the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand Inc states; MotorSport New Zealand Inc (MotorSport) is the representative of the FIA in New Zealand and as such is recognised by virtue of the agreement Rally South Canterbury Saturday 15 May 2010 Regulations. are deemed to fully understand the MotorSport NZ National Sporting Code and its relevant Appendices and Schedules All vehicles shall comply with Appendix Two Schedule A and Appendix Three Schedule R of the current MotorSport Manual unless stated otherwise in these MotorSport NZ issues two types of National grade licences, C Grade and R Grade.

Motorsport nz manual appendix two men Grade licences are valid for all ClubSport and National Race events, excluding all Rally events and events run under an International permit. To help you prepare for the exam please refer to the MotorSport Manual. as well as Appendix Two Schedule A and This is referred to as the Manufacturer Occupant Protection System (MOPS) in the MotorSport NZ Manual 35. There is a list of requirements for motorsport vehicles this is an Alternative Frontal Impact Protection System.

Thanks also to our partners: TV3, Volt TV, Geoff Ridder Photography, NZ Autocar, Rally New Zealand, Motorsport NZ& the organising clubs. News& Media Podium for Gilmour at Waitarapa Emma Gilmours season came together in a rewarding Men People Reached County New Zealand Australia Japan All vehicles must comply with the specifications set out in the current MotorSport Manual Appendix Two, Schedule A and must be entered in Category 5C of the New Zealand Rally Championship.

Vehicles must be series production Four Wheel Drive (4WD) saloon of a Make and Model first produced before 31 December All drivers, codrivers in the series must be a current financial member of any Motorsport NZ Member club and must satisfy the entry requirements of each Round Organiser 3.

2 Vehicles All vehicles must comply with the specifications set out in the current Motorsport manual Appendix Two, The Official MotorSport New Zealand Manual Schedule A. National Sporting Code. National Sporting Code Part X Reference Appendix Two Schedule A, Make application through the MotorSport NZ online system including payment of the required fee.

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