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This will override the tank fill switches and run the pump as long as the button is depressed allowing for filling of the system. If the tank full switch is Waterous manual pump override in spanish, the FillingFull LED (yellow) will blink. Main Fire Pump Engagement Shifting Into Pump Pump Engaged Light on Pump Transmission Lever Panel illuminates Speedometer reads around 20 MPH with no vehicle movement High fan engages (noise increases) Manual Override Lever on Engineers Panel extends out Since our beginnings in 1886, Waterous is still building revolutionary fire suppression systems today.

Waterous holds true to the philosophy Cast, Machined, Assembled and Tested in America. Departments and brigades worldwide count on Waterous to provide the utmost in quality products and customer service. Waterous Manual Electric Pump Prime Kit. Use this kit to repair the following priming valves: 8683, 8732,,and. F1031, Section 2413 Page 5 of 12 Shifting Instructions Optional Manual Override Two series of Allison automatic transmissions are com monly used in fire trucks.

Sep 04, 2008 Steps for putting the pump into manual pumping mode. Pull Pump Shift manual override handle to place pump in gear 6. Handle should pull out 3 ENGINE AND PUMP REPAIR Repairs to be done during the Waterous or Briggs and Pump Repair Stratton warranty period must be done in accordance with Pump repair should be done by Waterous authorized ser Page 11: Priming Tube Removal.

OVERHAUL DIRECT MOUNTED PUMP Page 10 of 20 Figure 3. Priming Tube i need help bad the pump shift wont engage on the mack we have tried it with the electric and the manual override but it still who knows Waterous pumps and Firefighting equipment, pumps, and firetrucks located in Itasca Illinois.

These instructions apply to Waterous fire pumps built after 1977, equipped with automatic chassis transmissions, and equipped with both incab and pump operators panel shift indicating lights. Indicating light arrangements changed in 1991.

Older systems consisted of a red and green light in the cab. Jun 17, 2010 Manual Pump Shift Override mechanism, 01: 51 AM Some of you may have heard of the 5fatality apartment fire in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood last Saturday, and that the firstin engine couldn't pump water.

Jun 21, 2010 We've been spec'ing manual pump overrides on our rigs since at least 1992. All 20 frontline engines (Pierce Quantums with Waterous pumps) and 5 reserves (again, Quantums with Waterous) have them. Ability to manually override the pump engagement is a portion of the department's driverpumpoperator school.

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