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The RRASOR, Static99R and Static2002R All Add Incrementally to the Prediction of Recidivism among Sex Offenders TRANSLATING STATIC99R SCORES INTO RISK CATEGORIES Score Label for Risk Category 3 through 1 Low 2, 3 ModerateLow 4, 5 ModerateHigh 6 plus High STATIC99R Coding Form Question Number Risk Factor Codes Score 1 Young (score according to the offenders age at time of release flat minimum release Evaluators score each individual on every item on the scale using the scoring criteria and score sheet contained in this manual.

The scale is designed to score individuals at intake and thereafter every six months. SOTIPS item scores are intended to reflect an individual's relative treatment and supervision need on each dynamic risk factor. by the Static 99R scoring manual. Although the Static 99R was not normed on the above populations, the tool is still utilized by ESRC and law enforcement when developing a baseline notification level.

Risk Level Classifications The 2003 coding manual for the scale has been updated in 2016, with sufficient changes that the Static99R Development Team recommends that anyone using the instrument obtain a booster training. The Static99R Booster Training has been developed by Static99R Development Team member, Dr. L. Maaike Helmus, and is available 247 On Demand. In most cases, scoring Static99R is fairly straightforward for an experienced evaluator.

If you are unfamiliar with this instrument, we suggest that you turn to the back pages of this manual and find the onepage Static99R Coding Form.

You may want to keep a A MultistAte RecidivisM study using stAtic99R And stAtic2002 Risk scoRes And tieR guidelines fRoM the AdAM WAlsh Act RESEARCH REPORT SUBMITTED TO THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE 2012 Award Number 2008MUMU000 Static99Static99R Overview. OnDemand Booster session on updated manual; Certified Static99R Trainers Determination of appropriate application and scoring of the STATIC99 to specific cases and in specific jurisdictions requires the judgment of an evaluator trained in the applied use of the STATIC a total Static99R score, with some additional context on the appropriate uses of the scale.

For information on how to interpret and report the score results (including both relative and absolute risk (Static99R, Static2002R, Risk Matrix 2000).

The first presentation provides an overview of STABLE2007, including research updates and implementation recommendations. 2016 Static99R Booster Session: Overview of New Manual L.

Maaike Helmus 1 score Static99R 3 Training Overview Recap on STATIC scale evolution manual in full If using Static99, these coding rules also apply 29

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