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config. status expects Automake Makefiles to have" generated by automake" in the first comment line. From the config. status log you sent, it seems that's not the case. I'd like to create a Makefile. am file which generates one header file mentioned in a xxx. c file. Let's say that xxx. c contains: # include and that I have a rule to create it The mcs manual page makes this clear; Depends on the dependency model though. ) Cheers, Ralf C# support for automake Ouch, just saw that You wrote the original csharpcomp.

sh. Well, just consider it as an update from a current project; ) Guido Draheim wrote: automake dependencies, missing. Plo files, joachim. j. gloger. Message not available. Re: automake dependencies, missing. Plo files, Alexandre DuretLutz If the compiler allows it, Automake tries to make the dependency system dynamic: whenever a source file is compiled, that file's dependencies are updated by asking the compiler to regenerate the file's dependency list.

In other words, dependency tracking is a side effect of the compilation process. Combined manual for Automake and Autoconf 8. 19 Automatic dependency tracking. Automakes model is that dependency computation should be a side effect of the build. To this end, dependencies are computed by running all compilations through a special wrapper program called depcomp.

The contents of this variable are added directly to the dependencies for the tags rule. Automake also generates a ctags rule that can be used to build vistyle tags files. (especially with make implementations performing VPATH rewrites in The Autoconf Manual).

Finally, Automake also emits rules to support the GNU Global Tags program. This is the first edition of the GNU Automake documentation, and is consistent with GNU Automake 1. 4. Published by the Free Software Foundation (see section Particular Program Checks' in The Autoconf Manual).

Automake's lex support also requires that you use the ACDECLYYTEXT' macro You can tell Automake about these dependencies GNU Automake For version, 18 December 2004 David MacKenzie Tom Tromey Alexandre DuretLutz.

This manual is for GNU Automake (version, 18 December 2004), a program which creates GNU standardscompliant Makeles from template les. Future Directions for Automakes Dependency Tracking. 102 27. 3 Release Statistics AUTOMAKE(1) User Commands AUTOMAKE(1) NAME automake manual page for automake SYNOPSIS automake1. 13 [OPTION 9. Building Programs and Libraries. For this reason, GNU Libtool (see section Introduction' in The Libtool Manual) was created to help build shared libraries in a platformindependent way.

Automake's model is that dependency computation should be a side effect of the build. Adding a dependency for a target in automake. since having a dependency for a target override automake's automatic rule generation, as the docs say: So it is not possible to append new dependencies to an automakedefined target without redefining the entire rule.

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