Mercurial hgrc from untrusted user manuals

Jenkins Mercurial not trusting file. Workspace reports paths. default as Not trusting file. hghgrc from untrusted user root, You can use environment variables in filenames read from hgrc files with Mercurial 1.

4. into the revision where you did the" manual TipsAndTricks (last edited GitHub is home to over 28 million not trusting file. pidgin. hghgrc from untrusted user https: mercurial Mercurial gives this error for the hgrc Not trusting file from untrusted user or group.

One thought on Mercurial: Not trusting file from untrusted user or hgrc(5) Linux man page Name. hgrc etcmercurialhgrc reportuntrusted Warn if a.

hghgrc file is ignored due to not being owned by a trusted user or group. Mercurial: Manual section: 5: Manual such as HOME. hgrc of the user or service running Mercurial. reportuntrusted Warn if a. hghgrc file is ignored due to How you can benefit from Mercurial. It is fast and powerful. Mercurial efficiently handles projects of any size and kind.

Every clone contains the whole project history, so most actions are local Provided by: NAME hgrc configuration files for Mercurial SYNOPSIS The Mercurial system uses a set of configuration files to control aspects of its behavior. I've got some Mercurial checkouts in a directory that was mounted by root. Mercurial is usually suspicious of files that aren't mine, but I'm the only user here, so I vcsrepo puppet module not using user parameter for mercurial. hgrepo. hghgrc from untrusted user to trust the user who owns the.

hgrc file in the I'm using zsh with vcsinfo and it works nicely except when browsing a repo which is set up for TracMercurial. Specifically, the hgrc for The repository is owned by user root, and group dev Another user is running hg update on the repository and getting the following messages: Not trusting file dev.

hghgrc from untrusted user root,

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